ICT Training

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Keeping employees informed and updated on latest technologies and tools is a must for any company. This, however, can be very challenging for low and midsized companies as they often cannot afford to have in house training infrastructure. WINGERsoft provides quality training at a reasonable cost. Our range of trainings spans core and niche IT technologies and tools.

Our training solutions are client centric. We can work with you to identify your individual and company training needs to prepare and deliver a course that meets all your training needs.

Our customized training solutions, which are a balanced blend of technology and traditional methods, will bolster the knowledge base in your organization.

Our experience in giving training solutions for clients within diverse IT Products and Services has given our organization insights into the training development cycle of all hues. This has not only given us experience but has also honed our skills. All this we leverage to benefit our clients.

ICT changes too fast, you cannot afford to rely on yesterday’s technology and skills, you need to keep yours and employees skills up-to-date!