Below is a list of the Projects executed by WINGERsoft. The first part is for the recent projects and the second part is for the other projects. Should you need more information on any of the projects, do not hesitate to contact us.


P150202: GIS & IT Needs Assessment MoLHUD

Consultancy services through GIS and Mapping Centre (U) Limited to assess GIS needs and proposed target IT Architecture necessary to[...]

P150201: Ruparelia Group Process Management system

Designing a scalable process workflow management system for the Ruparelia Group of Companies, Kampala, Uganda. The system is for managing[...]

P150101: Website for South Sudan Ministry of Gender

Website Design and Delivery for the Ministry of Gender, Child, and Social Welfare (“the Ministry”) of the Republic of South[...]

P141201: eQuality Health Bwindi

This project aimed at capturing medical and demographic details from three sub counties (Kayonza, Mpungu and Kanyantorogo) of about 125,000[...]

OTHER PROJECTS (details available on request, please contact us)

  • WINGERsoft Inventory Edge
  • Pharmacy Management System
  • OVC Management System
  • Client and Donor Management System.
  • Scaffoldings and Formwork Rental Management System.
  • Water Billing & Invoice Processing System
  • Networking Related Projects
  • Hardware Supply Projects
  • Support Projects